Planet 13 Superstore + Entertainment Complex

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“How do we get tourists to treat our retail store more like a “bucket list stop” or a “must-see” destination?”

This was the problem we were tasked to solve.

Our immediate approach with this destination made the answer come to us almost immediately. Planet 13 not only features one of the world’s largest selections of products in their industry, but it also features never-before-seen attractions such as one of the world’s largest interactive digital graffiti walls, rooftop installations, projection mapped ceilings, and a custom indoor drone show. To us, it was clear that the best way to get people to show up was to give them a little preview of what they’d be in for upon their arrival. We thought a digital tour was the answer. But in order to make this tour elevated and better than the boring versions we’re used to seeing online, we decided to amplify the digital tour experience by speeding it up and making it memorable.


Make Tours Great Again.


The video was the most engaged social media post of all time for the brand.

Watch The Full Hyperlapse Here