The Strat Casino

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When The Stratosphere Casino rebranded as the hipper, more slang-friendly Strat, they also wanted to give similar brand lifts to their main attractions.

The Strat Observation Deck is easily the best view of the Las Vegas strip, yet it’s largely overlooked when the tourist’s mention their Las Vegas trip highlights in online reviews.

We were tasked with changing that. We approached this task with an idea to feature the Observation Deck in a totally new and unique way, in hopes of tourists seeing it in a whole new light, or for that matter, for the very first time.

An innovative video technique called the Hyperlapse was the idea we landed on, because it’s fast-paced, hard to look away from, and can showcase a large amount of space in a limited amount of time, to help hold the attention of a younger generation.


Create a video that, in itself, is totally new and unique, to coincide with the new and unique options the Observation Deck now features.


Launched only weeks ago, this campaign debuted at the most heavily trafficked area in the Las Vegas airport and is currently a major hit with executive stakeholders at The Strat.

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