The Strat Casino: Rides Campaign

  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Strategy



The Strat Casino recently underwent a massive overhaul. Their main attraction outside of their casino was already their world-famous rooftop rides, but we helped reposition their rides brand to be something much more than a “might-check-out” attraction. We created videos detailing what a typical Strat trip itinerary could look like with some of their restaurants and attractions, alongside their thrilling rides. We used a video technique that is unique in look and social-centric and sharable by design, as a way for audiences to feel compelled to watch the video the whole way through, all the while opening their eyes to what a “must-see” experiencing these locations at The Strat could look like for them.


Come for the thrills, stay for the chills.


The campaign had a successful launch that was introduced on all the main screens at the Las Vegas McCarren airport baggage claim, thought to be some of the most coveted tourist attracting ad real estate in the entire state of Nevada.

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Watch Our “Insanity” Hyperlapse Here

Watch The Rest Of The Strat Rides Videos Below

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Watch Our “Big Shot” Hyperlapse Here

Watch Our Other Strat Ride Video Below

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Watch Our “X-Scream” Hyperlapse Here